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Model 248 Carton Coder

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The Model 248 Carton Coder is a very simple, durable and inexpensive alternative to expensive and complicated ink jet printers.

The Model 248 uses durable, easy to change rib-back type and high-density foam ink rolls that are available in a rainbow of colors.  The maximum print length is 15 inches; the maximum print height is 3 inches. Corrugated boxes, wood and coated or non-coated papers can all be printed.  The registration cam allows the message printed to be placed in the same location relative to the leading edge of the box on each case printed. 

For box-printing applications, the coder is normally attached to the side of a powered conveyor, a tape type carton closer or glue type carton closer.  It can also be mounted over a powered conveyor to print codes on bulk bags, such as corn, flour, and many others.

The Model 248 is also available in a front and side model, that accommodates applications requiring front and side panel coding.

Printing Specs:

  • Maximum Print Length: 15"
  • Minimum Print Length: 1/16"
  • Maximum Print Height: 3"
  • Minimum Print Height: 1/16"


  • Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Delrin Box Guide

Supplies needed for operation: